Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Second Monday.

Yesterday was a holiday - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It was a lovely day of family adventures, NPR, playing, and just being together. Jack made a collage of MLK in school. He asked me if MLK made it so people of different races could marry each other. We talked about segregation. He knew about some of it from school, laughed at the idea of different bathrooms for black and white. That my seven year old could laugh at the absurdity of something that was a reality for many people such a short time ago is a testament, I think, to the change that Dr. King fought for with his life. I am grateful for the passion so many people have shown over the years, desiring social justice. We still have so much to do, but there has certainly been change.

I love that my children are growing up in the center of California, in their school district are represented children from families that speak 52 languages. The diversity enriches our lives in many ways, but none so valuable as that my children see racial differences with no more emotional content than curly hair or freckles - just part of the beauty that is that person. There are still other differences that are less accepted - developmental disability for one. And, I know that there is still great inequity in our society based on color and resident status. So much to do.

This is like a Monday for me - work, kids back in school, regular rhythms. Have a blessed day.

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