Sunday, April 29, 2007

Learning to fly.

Nathaniel loves to swim. He wakes up and goes out and brings all of the swim suits and towels inside - he delivers each to suit to it's owner, and expects we will get dressed and go swimming. It is a joy to watch him at the pool. He jumps in like he's flying. He has taught himself to float and to breathe, and is already close to swimming. He is completely relaxed and happy. All the kids like swimming, and the pool is a big plus in our new location.

Ali's challenge today is to take your "life temperature". How is life feeling? Are you doing things you choose or are you just busy? What is the life/work balance? These questions resonate for me, and I'm going to spend some time reflecting on the answers. Life is busy, but good. I have been faced with many opportunities to consider where I'm going next, in my work and in my location...lately. I don't have a clear picture. It seems clear to me though that it is important to know what you want before moving forward.

Ah, to feel the joy of just jumping in!

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