Monday, June 18, 2007

Awesome Zoo Pictures.

I just love the zoo - and so do my boys! Sunday we were home, packing, and finally bored. So we jumped into the car and went to the Chaffee Zoo, where we are members. They currently have an interactive stingray exhibit. We got there at ten minutes to four and they closed at four - I didn't know. So we ran across the zoo, following the signs to the stingray exhibit. What fun! Later when I explained it to Dad, he said "you know that was how the crocodile hunter died." And, all I could say was it can't be dangerous or the zoo would never allow it. Jack overheard and told me, "They trim the poisonous barbs just like we trim our fingernails." Huh, "How do you know that?" "I read the sign." says Jack. Smart kid!

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