Monday, December 03, 2007

December 3.

Today I drove all day - literally - for an appointment in the Bay Area. Coming home the storm was raging, and between Santa Rosa and Fortuna the rain was really scary, several times I could feel the water under my tires and several little rock slides. Still, I am home and my day went great. Really great.

So many things going on at one time - just like always. Tonight I am grateful for:
1. Arriving at home after a stormy drive.
2. My home - warm and waiting, filled with my crazy kidlings.
3. My Prius - such an awesome car. As I drive by the over $3.50 a gallon gas, I am filled with gratitude for my 47 miles to the gallon on my long drive today.
4. My friend Debbie - what a gift it is to have a friend who likes the way I think. And loves me too!
5. Leftover ham - I made a sandwich when I got home. Yum!

Peace. Susan

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