Saturday, January 05, 2008


For the longest time I've wanted a house of my own. One where I could paint a wall or buy new windows, and have it be ok. And, my husband has wanted to build equity instead of just sending money away. It has always been just out of reach - perhaps more out of reach mentally than financially - I couldn't imagine it. I had no experience with buying a house, and there are so many horror stories. But John made it clear that it had to be our first priority, so I pursued it. Houses in this area in our price range are mostly wrecks - land is so valuable, and housing is very expensive here. Suddenly it occured to me that we could buy a piece of land and have our friend put a home on it - they own a manufactured home business, and forget everything you think you know these houses are beautiful and full of quality details. I found a piece of land, it's small which is actually quite comforting to me because we can afford this property and this house. Our payment is going to be less than my rent. And so for the past three weeks we've been getting preapproved for financing, making plans, and finally putting an offer in on this property I found. It's so exciting!!! Here is a photo of my lot and the model of my house - mine will be coffee bean brown with cream colored trim.

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