Thursday, January 31, 2008

Needful hands.

It's always tough to have things you want fail. I don't love disappointment. Still, there are so many good things and I am getting a little more patient with age. I have come to believe that God opens and closes doors - really believe it. And so, this week, when our house fell through I was disappointed and a little angry. But I am fine. There will be another time, and I have everything I need.

I love the video above - "To know that I could fall, and still your grace surrounds pursuing. To freeling tumble down and feel your hands around my heart." Such powerful words. There is no honest response to grace except gratitude. I bring nothing to the table, just amazement and wonder. So, in light of that, today I am grateful. Grateful for:

1. my family
2. my work
3. my friends
4. my home and all the warmth in it
5. grace

Peace. Susan

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