Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A new word - BREATHE.

After reflecting for a day, I am choosing to step back and take a deep breath. My word for 2008 is going to be BREATHE.

Wikipedia define breathe: "Breathing transports oxygen into the body and carbon dioxide out of the body. Aerobic organisms require oxygen to create energy via respiration, in the form of energy-rich molecules such as glucose. The medical term for normal relaxed breathing is eupnoea. Organisms breathe to avoid death from asphyxiation."

Sounds like something I need to ponder - creating energy, avoiding asphyxiation.... Yeah, it's been a tough couple of weeks. Still, I've noticed in my life that there are growth cycles followed by cycles of replenishment. Last year was full of change and growth, I think I need some pruning and replenishment - right now a season of hybernation sounds really good, probably not happening but really good sounding.

So, breathe is my word.
Peace. Susan

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