Sunday, July 13, 2008

The soundtrack of my life, by Billy Joel.

The first album I really remember listening to completely - sophomore year of high school, first love, first kiss. (1979)

Still first love (1980)

Growing up (1981) First apartment.

Working (1983) Saw Billy Joel in concert twice that year.

Mills College (1984)

Finding the world, myself, my faith (1986)

Studying the Soviet Union and visiting Leningrad (1986)

Getting Married (1987)

Finding my way, Anna (1990)

Alice (1994) Divorce (1996)

Life is, well, life. (1997)

You feel so right. (1998) Wedding, new family.

Jack (1999) Y2K

Nathaniel (2001)

9/11 (2001)

Settling in to life, turning 40 (2003)

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