Monday, February 19, 2007

Three-day Weekend.

President's Day weekend flew by for me. Saturday I taught in the morning, and Alice tested for her orange belt in the afternoon. I'm so proud of her. Last time they tested Alice didn't get to participate - the teacher told her she was too sloppy. It's hard to watch your child learn hard leasons, she was so disappointed. Anna received her orange belt, Jack is gold, and Alice had to wait. She was proud to tell me that her teacher is really happy with her forms now. Well done Alice!

We recieved our car magnet from Autism Speaks. It's on the side of my car because, we found out, the entire back of the car is not metal. Still, we're glad to show our support. And finally a photo of Nathaniel blowing out the candles. He's been so interested in our house candles. I was a little afraid he would try to get to them himself. But he pulled us over and as we held them, he blew out the flames. We were watching "the Guardian" later that night and when the signal flares were on the movie, he tried to blow them out too. Pretty wonderful stuff.

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