Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Warmth of the Summer Sun.

I am in transition. It is a very difficult place to be - not finished with one thing and axiously awaiting the next, not knowing. I'm bad at waiting. So this quote really spoke to me today - thanks to Ali E.

Vincent Van Gogh : Many people seem to think it foolish, even superstitious, to believe that the world could still change for the better. And it is true that in winter it is sometimes so bitingly cold that one is tempted to say, 'What do I care if there is a summer; its warmth is no help to me now.' Yes, evil often seems to surpass good. But then, in spite of us, and without our permission, there comes at last an end to the bitter frosts. One morning the wind turns, and there is a thaw. And so I must still have hope.

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