Friday, December 21, 2007

Catching Up - December 17,18, 19 & 20.

It's been crazy busy. I share my girls with their Dad in Stockton, and wonderful extended family there too. So, last Saturday they left for almost two weeks away. This week it's been just me and the little boys - John will get here this weekend, and the girls will be home on Wednesday. Working - thank heavens we don't have children at the center as we're between semesters, school activities - I baked 48 cupcakes Tuesday and wrapped an ornament for Jack's party 15 times, and meetings - this is the week of all the appointments I just can't fit in during the semester. And, now I have a cold that might be moving into bronchitis. Still it's been an exciting week - we are in the process of buying a piece of property to put a home on. Even as I write that I can hardly believe it. I've never owned a home, and over the years I guess I've become convinced that it wouldn't happen for us. And now, very quickly indeed, it is happening. Updates will follow.

Photos will follow too. I haven't gotten as many as I'd like, but I do have some. Will post again later.

Today am grateful for:
1. Nathaniel sleeping through the night.
2. Friends who have known me almost 20 years, and who are THERE for me.
3. My family - I just love you all more than I know how to say.
4. The possibility of owning my own home.

Peace. Susan

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